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In 2016 I had the amazing opportunity to visit Asia for the first time. The experience was absolutely amazing, but a lot different that I was expecting. Before traveling to South Korea I prepared myself a lot to enjoy the full potential of a metropolis like Seoul. I looked at every website existent and all the tips I could possibly get, but once I arrived in Seoul, a lot of those information were very general and sometimes inaccurate. I saw myself going to the same tourist sights and being caught in tourists traps. I was fortunate enough to have two korean friends living in Seoul and they were the responsible for my trip being so amazing. In Seoul I learned that websites, books or any tour guides wont give you what you really need to know to fully enjoy Seoul. So many hidden small shops, where no english is spoken, very traditional, dominated by local people is completely out the reach for an outsider. With my friends help I was able to go to places that I'd never go by myself. Without my friends I'd be destined to do exactly what the books say and nothing else.

Minivan of Memories came to fill this gap of misinformation when it comes to a holidays experience. By sharing stories of our best moments we could bring together aspects of destinations that are left behind in other manuals. Rather than listing all the best attractions of Paris, for example, I would love to know what you really love about Paris and what experience you could tell me that was special to you.

I've all my life have learned so much with other people and I still want to do so. Minivan of Memories is an open space for passionate travelers and photographers to share their travel memories and their passion with users with the same interests. This website intend to collaborate with other professionals to build a more dynamic platform of self expression. We could together create a beautiful travel log, where users memories are the main attraction.

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