A visit to Mauritius – A gem in the Indian Ocean
Posted by Adilson Randi

My Instagram feed is predominantly filled with pictures of hunger inducing food alongside images of beautiful places I’d like to someday visit. One destination in particular was Mauritius, I’m hugely drawn to places where water is a prominent feature, whether it be waterfalls, rivers, or in the case of Mauritius its breath-taking crystal blue coastline. 

My friend and I arrived at our hotel very early in the morning after a long and tiring journey from London, we couldn’t think of anything better than having a shower and a nap, however once we saw the beach from our hotel and thereafter the stunning view from our balcony I felt like I’d immediately woken up and couldn’t wait to explore. Throughout our whole holiday I never quite got over just how spectacular the beaches are and although it may sound cliché, they really are like paradise with pure white sand and the clearest blue sea I’ve ever seen. I repeatedly exclaimed to my friend how they look exactly as they do on Instagram, a rare thing in our photo editing generation. 

Despite the fact that I could easily spend this entire post talking about the beaches, I quickly discovered that there is so much more to this charming country. The incredibly rich history and luscious vegetation in the mainland make for both beautiful and interesting days out, one of my favourites was definitely to the National Botanical Gardens. Whenever I go away I will always visit the cities botanicals and this one did not disappoint, the abundance of tropical plants were stunning, in particular the pond of giant lily pads shown below. Whilst walking around the gardens the guide reminded us that a lot of the trees and plants were not in bloom as it was their Winter when I visited, seeing it in the height of their Summer must be even more impressive. 

If I were to make a recommendation for anyone planning to visit Mauritius it would be to hire a car if you are able to, there were some things which I wanted to do (such as visit the Grand Bassin) however they are hard to get to and using taxis everyday would become rather expensive. Saying that, we travelled on the local buses a lot and they are something I would tell everyone to use, although they aren’t necessarily the fastest or most reliable form of transport you get to see scenic areas of the country you would not otherwise see as well as meet the incredibly friendly locals and really get a feel country life. 

As someone who is undeniably obsessed with food, whenever I go on holiday I always have a list of local dishes that I want to try, for Mauritius this was Dohll Puri, local and fresh fish and the beautifully carved pineapples shown in the picture below. A Dohll Puri is the ultimate Mauritian street food, it’s a simple but delicious dish made up of a savoury pancake/flatbread filled with split peas or butter bean curry and served with local pickles and chutneys. You can find it on every street corner and can see how much of a national dish it is by the sheer amount of locals eating it on the go, a definite must when visiting! 

As a big fish lover I was extremely excited to have a holiday filled with it. One of the most memorable dishes I ate was Dorado, being a tropical fish it is not something I’ve seen back home so I was excited to try it. It is a meaty fish but still incredibly juicy, it reminded me slightly of swordfish but in my opinion had a nicer and fresher flavour, I will certainly order it again if I ever come across it. If you’re a big seafood fan, then Mauritius is definitely a destination for you, it will probably be the freshest fish you’ve eaten in a while. 
So there you have it, a very condensed and brief story of my trip to Mauritius, it was a holiday for relaxing but also experiencing and learning about a new culture and somewhere I would recommend in a heartbeat.  

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