Antelope Canyon & Grand Staircase
Posted by Adilson Randi

My friend and I decided to adventure the Grand Staircase in Utah and follow it by visiting Antelope Canyon. We were looking for an actual staircase monument for about 3-5 hours and we got super confused.

After driving further and further into the valley, we couldn’t find or see it for some reason. That being said after realizing what we have no idea what we’re actually looking for, I pulled up wikipedia and it’s said that Grand Staircase is actually more a landscape that looks like staircase with different sizes and shapes of the canyons. The best way to actually see it is overlook at the Bryce Canyon. So if you’re planning on exploring Escalante Grand Staircase Monument try not to make the same mistake we made. That being said, all the hassle paid off with satisfying and peaceful feeling, after we resolved a mystery of Escalante Grand Staircase monument.

I’ve been wanting the to visit Antelope Canyon for few years now and finally made it happen. When my friend and I decided to drive from Grand Canyon to Antelope Canyon we were on a mission to camp around that area the night before our tour. After arriving to Page, the small town near all those landmarks,  we came to realization that off season camping in that area is impossible. The majority of campsites are near by the water of Lake Powell and if you don’t have an SUV which we didn’t, it’s impossible to get to them. On the top of camping fee you also have pay State Park fee which is quickly became pricey. Another camping spot that we found, which was very expensive for camping fee , was right in a city and looked like you camping in someone’s backyard, of course without a campfire and right next to the highway. So after spending 3 hours trying to figure out camping we felt so exhausted and desperate and  we didn’t wanted to spent another night in a car and it was getting pretty dark outside already. Than last minute I decided to look at the hotels just out of curiosity and in our luck I found a great bed and breakfast place for pretty reasonable price and our camping turned into glamping.  It had everything we needed and also complimentary breakfast, which is also super great if you travel on a budget. If you visiting this area in a off season you can find some great deals in a hotels , but keep in mind that the price goes up to 5 times more expensive , when season is open.

Antelope Canyon is a true nature wonderful creature, the shapes and colours are so unreal and majestic. And here a few reasons why:

 If you ever want to visit Antelope Canyon, here are a few tips for you:

  • You  can only access canyon with a tour guide.🦶 .

  • Purchase your tour way ahead, because it’s a very popular place and spots get filled very fast, especially in a summer.

  • Get ready to pay money because it’s about $50-$70 per tour at least for aprox. 45 min tour. .

  • You’ll need to choose whether is lower or upper canyon, I did lower and didn’t disappoint. People told us the lower is more curvy and upper is easier to walk through. It’s only 4 tour companies who does tours so again pre-booking  is must.

  • If you want to take a cool pictures, have a buddy with you, who can and willing to take pictures fast and creative. Because it’s aprox. 30 people with you in group and to take a one decent picture without someone in it, it’s a true masterpiece.

Things you should know about before going to Antelope Canyon area  in off season:

  • Dress up warm in off season (late fall/ winter). The Arizona winter can be very cold sometimes. Be prepared!

  • Backpacks aren’t allowed there. Crazy, right?

 I can totally say it’s 100% worth to visit and it feels unreal how nature could create something so magical looking. 

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