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Posted by Adilson Randi

Prior to having kids, Celine took a year off work to travel the world.  She and her husband knew that when they returned they would spend the rest of their lives trying to travel as much as they could.  Having a passion and being just a little stubborn, Celine and her husband knew wouldn’t wouldn’t stop traveling into parenthood and made a promise to each other that they would find a way to keep seeing the world. After their kids were born, they quickly realized how different travelling with a baby and kids would be.  As Celine spent hours researching her many, many concerns, she found information that was either scattered or limited online. This brought Celine to write travel guides specifically for parents travelling with a baby to some of the worlds’ top cities. Celine continues to try to inspire new parents to keep travelling after having a baby.  As Celine puts it, “If you are considering a trip with your baby, we congratulate you and invite you to explore the information within our website and in our travel guides.” 

Inside the Episode:  

  • Babies can travel! We talk with Celine about the additional planning involved when traveling with an infant or toddler. Don’t be deterred, because not only can it be done, but people around the world are already doing it. Thankfully Celine unpacks all of the ways to make this new feat easier for all of us.

  • One of the more daunting tasks of traveling with an infant is deciding what to pack on your carry on bag for your child. Worry no more! Celine breaks some of the items to bring on the plane, but more importantly some surprising items you should leave at home!

  • Strollers, car seats, and baby carriers..OH MY! Which vital piece of travel equipment is ideal for your family? Do you buy or rent? Do you like to walk a lot or will you be taking taxis? Well...thanks to Celine of Baby Can Travel we have a few of these questions answered.

  • From Thailand to Italy, Celine spent her years as a new mother figuring out the best way to bring her kids along on her travels without slowing down. Sometimes that requires you to adapt to the transportation options available within the country you’re visiting.

  • Staying active with a newborn can be challenging. Fear not, fellow adventurers! Celine of Family Can Travel provided awesome advice on which backpack carriers to buy and ways to keep moving with your little one. Climb the steps of Positano, baby in stow and work off those pasta dishes while showing your child the world!

  • Sometimes you just can’t see it all. Traveling with small children can require you to swap out some of the sights you wanted to see for down time at a playground. It’s an adjustment, but with the right amount of planning your trip can be as seamless as it ever was!

  • People are SOOO much nicer when you’re traveling with small children! As Celine puts it, “It’s nice to be reminded of the wonderful people in the world...there always is somebody who makes a point of talking to you or offering to help out”.

  • Start early!! “Don’t wait until your kids are too old to where you are too intimidated to go because you've never done it.” Sound advice from Celine of Baby Can Travel. We will be taking that advice and running (or flying) with it!

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