Bosnia: A short getaway to green sceneries and charming old cities
Posted by Adilson Randi

After a busy time at work and before another big product launch, it was time for a much needed few days break and a road trip with my girlfriend from Serbia to Bosnia.

The first stop of our trip was in Visegrad where we took the time to admire the Mehmed Paša Sokolović bridge that inspired the fascinating book the bridge in the Drina.

In Sarajevo, we took the free city tour that was very insightful into the history of the city and we learned a lot about the sadly different wars that happened in the region. You probably remember from your history classes that WW1 started after the assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand (not the band) of Austria near the Latin bridge in Sarajevo but you probably never heard the crazy story about it (google it you won’t be disappointed). You’ll also find great Ćevapi which are small sausages made of grilled minced meet served in Somun bread. After having this the first day in Bosnia (even though I already had many in Serbia) I embarked on a quest to find the best Ćevapi in Bosnia and ended up eating a lot of them!

We also learned how to drink coffee properly like the Bosnians and enjoyed walking around the city. Fun fact, there is a spot in town where East and West civilizations collide. If you look to one side you’ll see Western architecture and Eastern if you face towards the other side.

I’ve seen the famous bridge in Mostar for years in pictures and I was really looking forward to pass through it and boy it didn’t disappoint! Try to go in the morning or in the early evening when all the day trip excursions have left to really be able to enjoy it as well as the bars / restaurants around the bridge which offer stunning views to relax.

The old town and its paved roads are very charming and wandering around there when no one is around is just magical.

As there are a lot of great things to see around Mostar, we took the day to first go to Blagaj and visit the Dervish house (Blagaj Tekija).

After this, we drove off to Kravice waterfalls to be transported into a world of relaxation with great sights and sounds from the waterfalls. These are small waterfalls but for someone who has seen the Iguazú and the Niagara falls, I can say that these are equally mesmerizing in their own way!

In just a few days, this trip helped me unwind and spend time with my girl and create memories that I will cherish forever.

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