Canyoning down stream in Badian, Philippines
Posted by Adilson Randi

As my alarm goes off at 1:30 am after a 9-hour flight in from Dubai I was less than enthused but something inside me made me get up and go. My friends and I had booked a canyoneering trip all the way in Badian while we stayed in Cebu City. Off I trudged to meet our group at stupid o'clock in the morning to begin our 3-hour drive to Badian. To say it was a long and winding road would be an understatement our driver zipped round bend after bend sending me flying backwards and forwards until we reached our breakfast stop; a tiny 7/11 in the middle of nowhere. Armed with copious amounts of junk food and red bull we continued our journey toward the canyoneering headquarters.

Upon arrival we paid for our tour guides, signed our disclaimers and donned both life jackets and helmets. We then proceeded on the backs of motorbikes in the black of night to the start of the trek. We began our night trek through the jungle with the aid of 2 flashlights and a miracle Bluetooth speaker. Eventually, the terrain becomes rocky down and down we go so much so I begin to wonder. Is this the journey to the centre of the earth? (I'm Scottish being overly dramatic is in our blood). As the path comes to an end, we can hear water, unsure of our surroundings we sit and wait for sunrise. Approximately half an hour later light falls and we are in awe of our surroundings. Sitting like ants in the bottom of this massive canyon with the jagged rock face leading up and up as the sun rises into the sky.

Our adventure begins with us clambering up onto the rocks and jumping into the water. We begin to slowly make our way down the river sliding down natural water slides and slipping through crevices in the rock. Our crazy guides in the background making monkey noises and performing parkour-style movements on the sides of the canyon.

The river runs through a jungle almost exactly how I imagine the movie Tarzan would look in real life. Eventually, we get to our first major obstacle a 5 metres jump off the cliff into the cascading river below. After freaking out for at least 10 minutes and being the last of our group to successfully throw themselves off the cliff we arrive at a typical jungle rope swing, there are local people doing their laundry in the falls. The last point of our adventure we come across a roaring waterfall tumbling into Gatorade blue water, magical. We then slowly trudge back to our minivan as the mid-morning sun beats down from above.

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