Driving a Campervan around Italy
Posted by Adilson Randi

Me and my family decided to go on nice trip this year but we would never imagined how nice this trip would be. An Italian friend told me about the idea of renting a campervan and driving around Italy, I kept this idea and suggested to my family which they agreed stray away. My bother and my sister in law planned our itinerary and the days for each place. Everything sorted and we finally started our journey!

The first day was in Rome, we spent amazing four days there doing all the tourist stuff, to be honest Rome impressed me with your uniqueness, beauty and history. After Rome we got our campervan and headed on to our second stop: Florence.

The campervan is very prepared, we were so excited about the idea that we didn’t realize that getting a campervan is a lifestyle in Italy, in our first camping we met a lot of families, couples, all kind of people, the experience is unreal.

Backing to Florence, the city is surrounded by art and history as well, there is an magical energy around the city which makes the place cosy and enjoyable. At the next day we drove towards Cinqueterre, 5 small cities become Cinqueterre, one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been, to drive til there was a bit difficult we had no idea that the road was that narrow so we had a lot of emotion getting there, but of course it worth a lot. In Cinqueterre we got a boat to visit all the cities and it couldn’t be better.

After these beautiful place we went to Lago di Garda, one of the biggest lakes in Europe, we picked a city called Sirmione. Sirmione has a castle that you can visit and of course we did that, in the castle you can see a great view of the city, after that we spent the day in a kind of beach called "Jamaica beach" a lot of rock are part of this landscape, you need to be careful with the moss but even though it is a great spot to visit.

In the north we also decided to visit Venice and a small city called Grumolo which is my grandfather’s city. After all of these places we decided to go to the south for 4 days, then we picked Puglia.

Puglia its a memorable place, great food, great people and great landscape. We stayed in Polignano a Mare, the city has a lot of to offer, the seawater is fantastic, diving I could watch all the sea life with a lot of fish and starfish, people around were jumping from rocks, great atmosphere.

Travelling and living with my family in a car for 16 days was an amazing and grateful experience, I am genuinely happy to have done that, no words can describe all the adventures that we have lived there.

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