Exploring all the flavours of Scotland
Posted by Adilson Randi

Scotland has always been one of my greatest dream. Amazing landscapes, live music in the pubs every night, wild nature. This is the reason why I decided to leave for a trip in Scotland with my friend, Stefania. We decided to travel by train, which is one of the cheapest and fastest way to travel in the country.

1st day – Glasgow

We landed in Glasgow, a very modern city with some great spots, like the view of the most important Cathedral of the city from the Necropolis. Even if it’s a modern city, it’s not unusual to find some buskers playing traditional scottish music with the famous bagpipe.

2nd day – Mallaig

With a 5 hours travel by train, sorrounded by beautiful green landscapes, we reached Mallaig, a very small city from where ships take off in the early morning for the Isle of Skye. During the train trip, you can’t miss the spot from Harry Potter movie, where the magic travel for Hogwarts is set.  

3rd day – Isle of Skye

Honestly, it’s been the best part of our travel. We planned a beautiful journey of the island with a jeep tour. We had the chance to see the whole island, stopping in some very amazing spots. Then, we slept in a small city called Kyle of Localsh. I still remember the quiet atmosphere and the amazing view of the sea from the window of our B&B.

4th day - Inverness

With a bus tour we reached Inverness city, stopping in two famous castles:

-       Eilean Donan, set of some famous movies, like “Made of Honor” with Patrick Dempsey;

-       Urquhart Castle, including a boat tour of LochNess. Unfortunately we weren’t lucky enough to see the legendary monster! The night, we went to a famous pub in Inverness, called “Gellions Bar” where we had the chance to listen and dance some traditional music.

 5th day – Tour of Orkney Island

 We couldn’t miss a tour of the northest island of Scotland: the Orkney Island. It’s been really magic, especially the ruins of Skara Brae and the Ring of Brodgar.


6th/7th day – Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the best cities I’ve ever been. You feel like living in a fairytale or inside one of the Harry Potter’s books. Actually, J.K. Rowlings lived most part of her life in this city, that’s why you can find some similarities between Diagon Alley and Edinburgh! Eventually, don’t miss the amazing view from Calton’s Hill, that you can reach easily with a short walking.

This is the end of my trip, which I will never forget. I can’t wait to go back in Scotland!

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