Hugging an elephant, in Thailand
Posted by Adilson Randi

I figured out that I don’t belong to corporate life and quit my job on finance department in the beginning of 2015. Before that, I was always in a vicious cycle. Every time I have time travel I didn't have the money or vice-versa. So, it seemed like finally I broke the chain!

Finally free, I started to plan a trip to Thailand which was the very first place I could think of. With the money I had then, I could have only traveled for 2 weeks. So, I planned everything. Except one thing, something was missing. Everything was beautifully and very detailed organized, but the spirit was gone. I decided to postpone my trip telling myself I’ll go for a longer period and who knows maybe with someone special to me.

By the beginning of 2016 I started to work with my dream job. My partner and I were publishing a city guide, travelling all over the country, creating events, festivals and so. It was a freelance job, so I had plenty of time. My partner then told me “By the end of this year, your ticket to Thailand will be in your pocket, I promise!” Voila! I can dream on Thailand from now on and work for it!

And I did. By the time our festival ended, I just prepared a backpack. This time not planning anything. I just knew the city of arrival and the first destination. Thailand, here I come!

It was the very first time I traveled by myself for five weeks. Imagine the excitement. I travelled to Koh Samui, that beautiful island in the south. I found myself a place to stay just by the beach. There were not so many tourists in that area, which made it perfect for me to enjoy.

I almost forgot to mention. During that year, before I got the news about my ticket, I promised myself that I will hug an elephant before the year ends. And guess what? I visited a wild life park on the island. They were taking care of the elephants, too! That’s where my dream, my promise come true.

Elephants in most places are suffering a lot because of ivory thieves and touristic companies. People love to ride them, I try to understand why. But on the other hand, to make it possible for people to ride, they’ve been treated bad, tortured to get tamed. I didn’t ride one of course, but I pet them, feed them also felt sad for them because no matter what reason they were still hold under chains.

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