Into the unexpected Moroccan desert
Posted by Adilson Randi

Traveling solo can either be the most liberating or terrifying experience a person can have and on average it’s a combination of both. Not knowing what to expect from a new city, country and culture can be the exciting part of it all. I took a chance and decided to travel to Marrakech as part of my 3 month travel journey.  Marrakech being in the heart of Morocco was slightly daunting to visit alone especially as a woman.

When I say I had nothing planned I mean nothing. Found an incredible cheap hostel right in the square of Marrakech they offered tours that of course, they push on you when you arrive. But to be honest, I was an easy sell. I had nothing planned and it was written all over my face. I find traveling with a tour or group to be more beneficial to the budget and safer when your itinerary is open.

So I hoped on a desert tour first thing in the morning 2 nights 3 days traveling into the desert by camel for a night under the stars. Sound magical right?

Well, it can be if you pay for the luxury tour which I was not offered. It became a quick revelation that I signed up for the budget tour as the lavish tour buses passed by our little van, the first hotels were less than impressive as the ones we passed by.

As we make our way into the desert our group of strangers adventurers started to get to know each other. We laugh about the difference between our tour and others and the difference between our campsite and the luxury one.  But what else can you do in this situation but laugh and enjoy the bumpy camel rides. Actually, it wasn't even a camel it was Dromedary the cousin of a camel.

When the sunset into the sandy dunes and everything become pitch black and only slightly lit by the stars and a couple wax candles the real magic kicks in.

African drums flood the air as we sing and dance in the pitch black trying not to trample each other but laugh hysterically as we bump heads, elbows and step on each other’s bare feet. 

After hours of dancing the music stops as we watch the moon rise and trade travel stores in the dark. We can’t see one another but we can talk and share and bond over the moments that drive the passion for travel. What a turn of events, we all made the best of our situation and turn an unlike night in one we will never forget.

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