Mindful traveling and voluntourism
Posted by Adilson Randi

This week we talk with Travis Zane. Travis is a multimedia creative focused on creating insightful photo editorials, videos, essays, and travel guides. His content pairs lifestyle and travel photography with thoughtful words, encouraging audiences to embody mindfulness, exhibit compassion, and discover the simple and profound beauty life has to offer. 

Inside the Episode:  

  • What is mindfulness? It can be as simple as being aware of yourself and surroundings. Where do you fit into this crazy world? How did you get to the position you’re in? Travis (@travis_zane) breaks down a few ways you can be more mindful, making the best out of your life!

  • “Voluntourism” has become a buzzword. What is it and how can you pick a program that fits your skill level. Ultimately you want to find a program that fits your skill set in order to give back or make a change within your realm of abilities.

  • If you’re interested in Voluntourism you need to do your research. Some westerners are getting a bad rap for traveling to Southeast Asia or Africa with good intentions but ultimately don’t contribute the way they had planned. It’s easy to get lost in the tons of organization offering these types of experiences. Good research is key!

  • If you’re interested in volunteering abroad it's a good tip to keep actions in mind that involve teaching. Some good ideas include teaching agricultural practices, medical procedures, and infrastructure design/construction. Think about how you can leave an impact not only to the current locals but also future generations!

  • A majority of the volunteering Travis (@travis_zane) is a big fan of @workaway, a company that allows you “learn, teach, and share skills.” You can essentially work your way around the world. Truly immersing yourself in the culture and surrounding yourself with the people of the land.

  • You may not know this, but you can feel a “sense of community” anywhere. Satisfy your craving to see the world by visiting forgien communities with a helping hand. Travis (@travis_zane) expresses his desire to travel more consciously - motivated by his need to learn and give back.

  • Volunteer for the cause, not the destination! When picking a way to volunteer abroad your first thought should be around the skills you possess and how you can contribute them to someone else. Once you figure that out, then select your destination.

  • The melting pot. A city with close to 1,000 languages spoken by its 8.6 million diverse occupants. A smorgasbord of culture, global influence, and street dogs.

  • A creative investigation on the human experience. Revolukin, a magazine Travis (travis_zane) is working to create - “an inspirational guide book for people to want to be a more wholesome, holistic human”. His vision for the magazine is admirable and we are looking forward to its release. You can contribute to his cause by clicking the link on his IG Page @revolukin.

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