Montenegro, back to where it all began
Posted by Adilson Randi

Three years ago, I took a trip a trip with my friends to a place I had no idea what it had to offer: Montenegro

Long story short, I met an amazing girl there and it changed my life. Living in France and her in Serbia, our long distance relationship took us to many places discovering the Balkan region. This summer, we decided to go back to where it all started.

We began our journey in her hometown of Niš, Serbia for a road trip of about 8-9 hours straight to Petrovac, through mostly mountain roads.  Being two drivers helps a lot, you only need your favorite copilot, some snacks, music and my second best driving buddy, a Monster Energy can in order to stay alert.

Our two week summer break would take us to eight towns, each very different to one another but nonetheless amazing including a one day trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We started off in Petrovac, a very nice seaside town. There we enjoyed nice beaches and great sunsets by the boardwalk. Next was Ulcinj, a town where you can feel the Albanian influence in the nice promenade that gets very busy in Summer evenings and offers a lot of restaurants and outside bars. If you climb up to the old town, you can feel different vibes in a calm town with a lot of small charming streets. After some more beach time in Bar it was time to go to Budva, where we went back to the places we first met, exactly three years before on the same date. This part of the trip felt very unique as we exchanged feelings and thoughts from that time as well as going back to our special places.

Budva offers sea, party and one extraordinary old town to wander around.

From there, we went through the narrow and dangerous roads way up to the Njegos Mausoleum in the Lovćen mountain where you can enjoy breathtaking views to the Kotor bay as well as nice hikes.       

Another day trip took us to the very small town of Perast and his islet that hosts the famous Our Lady of the rocks church.

And last but not least, Kotor, the most memorable old town in the whole of Montenegro! You can wander in those small Medieval streets for hours, getting lost and listening to the street artists or if you feel like a sweat, you can climb up 1355 steps up to the Fortress.

I can’t recommend enough visiting this country, it has a lot to offer from beaches to Mountains to historic towns, everyone will find something for them. My first trip there changed my life, so take a chance!

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