Riga, the heart of Latvia
Posted by Adilson Randi

If you are planning to make I trip and you don’t know where you should go, I really recommend Riga capital city of Látvia.

The biggest city in the Baltics, surrounded by beautiful architecture, parks, art and amazing food.

I spent 20 days there and I have a feeling that it was not enough, It has many attractions and is just a lovely place to hang out. Besides the fact that it’s cheap and you get some serious value for your money as well.

Riga's Old Town is full of architectural treasures, It features over 500 buildings that reflect different architectural styles including gothic, baroque, modernism and art nouveau and it's been a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. It has an exciting food scene, Riga’s Central Market with more than 3,000 vendors sell an impressive range of fresh local produce selling meat, fish, dairy and vegetables, including an amazing array of sauerkraut and huge jars full of pickles.

When It comes to night- life a great party place in Old Town of Riga is Coco Loco Bar- hidden just at the back os St Peters Church. A cozy location to listen some reggae music, chill out at the back, play some table football at the upstairs or come down later to the dance floor.

  If you are looking for parks, Mezaparks is one of the most beautiful, greenest, and one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Riga, as well as a popular recreation area.

Latvia has a long history of being occupied by foreign powers, so freedom is a particularly important value for Latvians. Right next to the park, you’ll find the Freedom Monument. It is a significant symbol as it’s dedicated to the Latvian heroes in the fight for freedom 1918-1920.If you want to learn about the occupation from 1940-1991, you can head to The Museum Of Occupation, which is only 10-15 minute’s walk away (right next to House of the Blackheads in the Old Town).

Riga has many beautiful churches and you can’t help but see at least a few when you’re walking around the Old Town. For me personally, I was most impressed by St. Peter’s Church and Nativity of Christ Cathedral. The latter is Russian and adds a bit of bling to the skyline.

Definitely you need to try “Riga balsam”, an herbal elixir made from pure vodka and it’s used in traditional medicine and sold in every tavern in town.  

The nearest beach is just 20 minutes from the City. The sandy beach of Jurmala is full of life and people in the summer. Aside from several sports activities, you can swim, sunbathe, enjoy the sunset or visit one of the many restaurants there.

It’s easy to reach Jurmala beach; simply hop on the train and you’ll be there within 20 minutes. 

So go there and check Riga out! You will not regret .

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