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Posted by Adilson Randi

After seeing elephants being abused in Thailand, Kristina was given the motivation to start The Elephant Project in order to help raise funds for elephants and create awareness for the well being of the species. Kristina now donates 100% of the net profit from her sales of stuffed elephant toys to organizations globally that rescue and care for injured, abused and orphaned elephants.Some of the organizations that Kristina contributes to are; the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, elephants in Burma, and the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. 

Inside the Episode:   

  • Kristina works with organizations in Thailand, Africa, India, Burma, and even the US that focus on the health and well being of elephants. What started out as a side project to raise awareness of the suffering of this species quickly transformed into a full time job. Now - Kristina's proceeds go directly into supporting ethical tourism as it relates to elephants around the world.

  • Have you heard of the crush box? A literal soul crushing experience for elephants who are being abused as part of the elephant riding industry in Thailand. This is the exact type of practice Kristina is attempting to erase from this world.

  • Ivory for medicinal purposes. Trophy hunting. Captivity for human enjoyment. Sitting far away in the United States you can feel helpless in your ability to end these cruel practices towards elephants (or any animal) on the other side of the world. BUT, you can help by doing something as simple as buying a stuffed animal. You can help move the project one more step in the right direction and lend a hand in the salvation of elephants in captivity.

  • With the power of assembly through social media we are seeing younger generations connect on major environmental issues like never before. From understanding the plastic crisis in our planet’s oceans to putting a stranglehold on animal abuse, we are noticing a shift in conservation by teenagers surrounded by rhetoric on environmental disaster. The right to have clean air, water, and a healthy ecosystem is a battle that may never end, but there are those of us that will be fighting for that right as long as we can.

  • Meet Kiki! When Kiki or Tembo is purchased through, 100% of net proceeds go to various organizations that help aid in fighting the poaching crisis and also provide care to injured, abandoned, orphaned, and abused elephants.

  • No more elephant riding in Thailand!!! Seriously, don't do it. These animals are abused, beaten, and neglected in order to get them to obey and fear humans. Instead, do your research on elephant sanctuaries like the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand. This way you can still fulfill your dreams of seeing these animals while knowing your money is supporting the health of the species.

  • One of the organizations Kristina contributes to is right here in the USA! If you’re close enough to or in Tennessee you can check out The Elephant Sanctuary which provides homes and rehabilitation to elephants abused from performance or exhibition in zoos and circuses.

  • As Kristina says, “You have to have courage to not be discouraged.” If you’re reading this, chances are you’re the type of person who wants to see a more sustainable future for the planet. Just like Kristina did a few years ago - know that you are just as capable in taking your own steps to make the difference you want to see in this world.

  • There is actually an easy way to tell the difference between the African and Asian elephant. It’s in the ears. African Elephants have large shaped ears (just like the continent of Africa) compared to their Asian counterpart.

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