The Kite Experience across the Adriatic Coast
Posted by Adilson Randi

A flashback to the four months of preparation: plan the route, organize the van, manage to get several jobs to scrape enough money together, 60-hour workweek, knock the van into shape, numerous visits at the hardware store, research kite spots, study wind statistics, organize all the equipment needed, pack, more visits at the hardware store, put the final touches on the bus and store everything for the next two months. Slam the doors, smile, send a quick text to the family chat group: We're off!


The Dream

Everything started as every big adventure does: with a dream. But dreaming wasn't enough, the idea stuck in our heads for too long. Gregor always wanted his own camper, was longing for a simple life on the road – go, wherever you want to, live, where it pleases you. I had the desire to travel down the Adriatic coast to my second home Greece, discover new kite spots and be able to see the ocean from everywhere we go. This whole idea built up a mutual picture in our heads that got bigger and absolutely essential over time – until the moment we both decided: Let's do it!

The first days we lived in a dream world. Of course, we were looking forward to this trip and the experience, but we didn't know how amazing it would be. Everything ran smoothly, one place more beautiful than the other, every day was a wonderful surprise. On our second day, we saw some dolphins from a rocky beach in the middle of nowhere. We laughed: what can probably come up next if our journey already started like that?

We traveled along the coast, from kite spot to kite spot, through Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, crossed the Greek border to visit the island of Lefkada, continued to Patras and drove all the way around the Peloponnese.

We followed the wind and the wind followed us, we felt more than happy and confident – we are in the here and now and always in the right place. Minor problems, like a car breakdown in the mountains of Albania, stayed unimportant, instead, the small but beautiful things became bigger and bigger.

The sea becomes your home

As often as possible we camped in the middle of nature, mostly right beside the sea. Just when all our batteries were in need of charge we headed for a campsite. We were looking for the calmness of deserted beaches where you do not hear anything than the water and the wind. Despite traveling during the main season, we found a lot of them. Faster than you think, the sea becomes your home and you never want to live without it again.

Of all the experiences, the adventures, the exciting kite spots and the countless gorgeous sunsets, there is this one special thing sticking in our memory: sitting in front of the van at night, under a clear sky filled with millions of stars, listening to the sound of the waves, saying – completely happy and pleased -: never again, we will sleep closer to the ocean than right now.

But of course, we did.

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