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On this episode we talk with Zurab of Unleash Your Potential on why you should consider your physical and mental health while travelling. Zurab was able to experience over 70 countries in only a few years while being a personal trainer on a commercial cruise ship. In that time he gained valuable experience on the importance of staying physically fit and mentally free while doing what he loves! 

Inside the Episode:   

  • Ahhh Food. Food is one of the biggest reasons we travel! You can set yourself up for a more mindful travel experience when you consider balancing proper nutrition with indulgence. But as we state in the episode, you might want to save your climb up Mt. Vesuvius for a day you plan on avoiding the heavy pasta and gelato that might make you a bit sluggish.

  • Did you know peanut butter is hard to come by in Europe? Zurab loves this packed source of protein and fats, but can only get it travelling to the US. So what did he do? Stock up while spending time in Hawaii, of course.

  • Zurab has visited 70+ countries in just two years by working as a personal trainer on a cruise ship. He was able to combine his passion for fitness and travel all while seeing the world, gaining invaluable experiences, and making lifelong memories.

  • If you make it a point to stay active on your normal routine, you have probably spent time brainstorming ways to stay moving while on vacation. From creating hotel room workout programs, to finding local gyms at your destination, they're all viable ways to keep that healthy attitude while on the road.

  • As Zurab explains, a really cool way to immerse yourself into the local culture is to hit the local gym. It could also be a good spot to meet some like-minded people on your travels and get some local tips for healthy eating locations!

  • Your end goal is your ambition, but the process is where you should find your happiness. Rather than overthinking long term try focusing on the daily process that you’ve laid out for yourself. If your plan is to lose a certain amount of weight, try taking a break from using the scale and just enjoy the daily grind of working out and eating healthy. Ensure you have the process down and your goal will come within reach. As Zurab states, “What matters is the process.”

  • “Why should you force yourself to eat healthy if you can get hit by a bus tomorrow?” Yea, we get it, sometimes it sucks. But would we feel better driving around in a Ferrari, or an Oldsmobile? I choose to be a Ferrari. PSA: Eat your vegetables.

  • It’s not “can I do it”. It’s “how can i do it!?” The first step to reaching any goal is developing the right mindset. Zurab says “Mindset is the key to everything you do.” Get your plan in place and know that you can DO IT. The mindset you need to achieve your goals can be lurking in the back of your mind.

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