When a joke turns into a life changing experience
Posted by Adilson Randi

So one day my then fiancé and I where joking about where we could go on vacation next and the usuals came up: New York, Vegas, Mexico City etc. So jokingly I said “ I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip”, we laughed a little at the idea, it sounded crazy and not at all achievable. But after a few days we began to actually consider it.

 The first thing we had to know was when? Winter break was the obvious option, then we proceeded to where? We had gotten engaged on Yosemite National Park the previous year and the first trip we ever made together was to Los Angeles, so we decided we would go to South California.

Then came the booking and planning of the trip, I will tell you one thing, booking a trip is always stressful but renting an RV for a 2 week period, for the first time, to drive around on a foreign country? That was next level... We ended up finding a pretty good deal with Cruise America for a 23 ft Motor home, we made our reservation as well as flight tickets and whatever hotels we need to rent.

 On December 25th of 2017 we arrived to Los Angeles and went to our hotel on Long Beach, I was nervous because I had never drove a vehicle that large but we didn't care, we wanted this experience no matter what. The process of receiving the RV was a pain and took a couple of hours which worried us because we needed to buy a lot of stuff for our trip, you see the RV company offers to rent you pretty much anything you could need but truth be told the charge pretty exorbitant prices for those things so we decided it would serve us better to buy them and bring them back home after the trip was over.

 Finally we got our new home for the following 10 days, we were excited and nervous and nearly hit a car on our way out... Ooops... After stocking up on a Target we laid out our plan, our first destination was San Diego (mainly because of the zoo), along the way we stopped at Huntington beach where we found a farmers market and bought a few fresh fruits and a few hours latter we saw our first sunset, man... no one does sunsets like the west coast.

 At first we were a little weary about where we would sleep, we've never done anything like this but luckily we found out several sites that detailed free and safe places where you can spend the night, ( by the end of this trip we grew accustomed to the lullaby of trailers moving in and out of parking spaces).

 San Diego was fun, but after living the big city the real adventure started the Mohave desert, we made our way into the barren deserts of California, visiting places like Joshua tree National Park, Hidden Valley and Salton Sea, I will always be amazed by how many vast and different sceneries there are in California. We decided to spend the night in Red Rock Canyon so that we could see the sunrise as it hit the multicolored stones, I can say with all my heart that those moments make life worth it. As soon as the sun came out and the reds and oranges from the sky and rocks merged we held each other, nothing else mattered.

Nevertheless we had to keep going, my husband wanted to go to Yosemite again but I was adamant, I would not drive on icy roads! So we made a compromise, if we started to see snow we would stop and go back. The way up was tiresome but so worth it, we got to see rivers and forests the like of which we never see at home ( we are from Cancun...) and then as we were on our way up it happened... snow. The only way down the mountain was another 6 hour drive the way we came from or venturing a little further to see if there was a fork in the road, and thank God there was.

 We went on to visit a few more places like Fresno and San Jose, and arrived on San Francisco were we would spend New Years Eve, we found a nice little RV park next to the beach (it was expensive but worth it in the end), we decided that since Im a chef we would go to the Ferry Building in San Francisco to buy a few things to cook a special dinner, I ended up making pizza on a BBQ stove hehehe.

The next day, we started early and headed to Santa Cruz, we visited a few incredible beaches along the way like Carlsbad and Half Moon Bay before we arrived, by now I was getting a little tired of driving so we decided to rent a room for a night on Santa Cruz, this has got to be one of our favorite cities in US, peaceful and beautiful, plus we were really lucky to have been there though the Kings tide ( a really low tide were the sea goes back exposing about a 100ft of sand).

Our trip was about to end but we still had a few more stops along the way; Santa Barbara, Monterey, Solvang and Camarillo. Our final night on the RV was spent on a RV resort in Malibu, we wanted to be close to LA so that we didn't have to drive through the city with a lot of traffic... yeah that plan sucked... man drivers in LA... When it was all said and done we had spent 10 incredible days driving about 1900 miles through South California, we loved every minute of it... so much so that we are planning to visit northern California next.

We cant recommend it enough, happy travels!

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