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In ‘Minivan of Memories’ everyone is a potential blogger as together we build a diary of our best holiday memories. It could be anything from a crazy night out in Tokyo, a Parisian boat trip on the River Seine, or even just watching the sunset in Rio. On this blog, every moment is a 5-star experience and we want to know all about it. So whether you’re a Dreamer, Explorer or Adventurer, the Minivan of Memories will have a story to inspire and motivate you. Pick your tribe, or ese check latest posts at the end of the page. Enjoy the trip!


Dreamers are always thinking of  their next holidays destinations. They have hundreds of ideas and want to  travel the whole world. Dreamers aim for different and unexpected destinations and spend hours planning and research their next holidays. They're very passionate travelers.


Explores seek out exotic and unusual experiences and are lovers of history, art, culture, geography and humanity. They want to conquer the world, visiting beautiful hidden destinations and enjoying once in a lifetime moments. Explorers are always interested in the odd and open to anything.


Adventures have a tight daily schedule, often with a very stressful routine. This means holidays are a perfect excuse to release energy and relax. They love open spaces, outdoor activities, beautiful landscapes and relaxing atmosphere. Anything that would take their mind off everyday life.



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