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Welcome to Minivan of Memories,

The idea of the website is to gather the most personal and unique travel experiences out there. Therefore we're open to anyone to collaborate. I believe that destinations should go beyond popularity and natural beauty. Destinations are only special when we get to experience amazing, unique and unforgettable moments and that's what I'm interested to know. This travel blog is not about destinations, it's about what your moments, what you have to tell.

Minivan of Memories would love to hear from you: “What's your most amazing travel experience?” We're talking about a moment that was special and a lot appreciated by you.

You're not a writer? That's not a problem. All our posts has a very casual ton, like a story telling. Imagine yourself telling your best friend how was your amazing experience. The requirement for you is to choose a meaningful moment, special to you and tell me all about it. The rest I'll take care of.


What's that for you?

All of our collaborators will have their profile featured among with all the other collaborators either on the Passenger or Pit Stop's page. This is a very important moment for you where you could introduce yourself to the readers and promote you work. I'll create a permanent back-link to your website/social media channels and you'd the same for Minivan of Memories.


By submitting your collaboration you agree to extend ownership of all the material provided to Minivan of Memories. All the information received you be used and displayed according to the content quality standards and website's needs and availability. Minivan of Memories also assure to treat you and your business respectfully and your personal information with privacy. All the photos provided will be credited to the owner/business when required/possible.