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passengers janina and gregor

Meet Passenger Janina and Gregor, travel-addicted couple from Austria, both passionate kite surfers and stoked about the life they chose to live. They are always trying to combine their professions – Gregor works as a photographer and video producer, Janina is a self-employed copywriter – with their journeys and kite surfing trips. Together they started a project called "The Kite Experience“, which shows the beauty of simple traveling, exploring new places, connecting with nature and their great passion kite surfing. Side by side they are longing for one thing: collecting unforgettable memories.

"Every journey is different: it can be a big, exciting adventure, lead you to stunning places of this beautiful planet and introduce you to people from all over the world. The experiences you gain while traveling are priceless, especially when you keep your eyes and mind open: to us, the world is an open road with countless hidden paths, waiting to be explored."

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passenger florian rudolph

Meet Passenger Florian Rudolph. Florian has studied environmental sciences at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. Since his graduation in autumn 2017 he is finding out what he wants to dedicate his life to, through travelling and a variety of short-term jobs. As a film maker, photographer and activist Florian creates awareness for critical issues, promoting social and environmental justice. He is currently working in a recycling project in Pomasqui, Ecuador.

"ravelling is connected to an exchange on a level playing field. While traveling I gain experiences, I learn and I grow. In contrast to mainstream tourism, I try to do it in a non-exploitative way, environmental friendly, non-invasive and by giving back something to the people, like knowledge, honesty or a portrait photography"

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Passenger Pauline Truffaut

Meet Passenger Pauline Truffaut. She lives today in the Paris region and she hopes to become a journalist one day. Before enrolling on master's degree, Pauline is enjoying a year to work and travel the world with her backpack and camera. It's in Guyana, a French department in South America, that Pauline has developed her desire to escape, and does not intend to stop there.

"I grew up in this little part of the world where tolerance and cultural diversity are a way of life. Today I would like to share the riches that this planet offers with an optimistic look at the future. With these travels and these testimonies I hope that some will finally dare to take the step and live the adventure. What is beautiful adventure! "

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Passenger - Tina Pichler

Meet Passenger Tina Pichler, 25 years old, from Austria. Although her parents don’t travel very often she discovered her wanderlust at the age of 18 and since then she can't stop. She has visited great destinations like New York, Dubai or various cities in Europe.

"Travel means freedom and exploring new and fascinating things – after every trip I become more liberal minded, have a better knowledge about different cultures and have a backpack full of memories and stories that I will never forget!"

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Passengers Rain and Daniel Serpa

Meet Passengers Rain and Daniel Serpa are known on social media as @globle.hopperz. This Philippine/Portuguese couple work in hospitality, him as a wellness/fitness trainer her as Spa therapist. They live in Oman, a nation on the Arabian Peninsula and dedicate their spare time to explore the world with big travel dreams.

“We thought that we should start traveling as a couple before building a family. We both have reached that decision and started planning yearly big trips since 2013. We work the whole year and we travel to pay off our hard work. Travel has a great impact on our lives; it lightens up the trudging roads along the way of our life’s journey.”

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Passenger Peter Hayes

Meet Passenger Peter Hayes. He has been a lifelong adventurer and has travelled widely following his passions from skydiving over the Golden Gate Bridge to Scuba Diving the depths of the Great Barrier Reef. At the same time he is family focussed and takes great satisfaction from providing wonderful experiences for his two teenage children, Lucy and Tom, supported all the time by Sara, his wife of 20 years and an experienced skydiver herself- it is how they met.

“I have my own strap line now on Social Media which goes something like this: Life has a knack of becoming Extraordinary. Skydiver, Skier, Scuba Diver, Race Driver, Downhill Rider-62 years of adventures, who knows what's next? “

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passenger rae and jason

Rae and Jason of Getaway Couple are originally from Los Angeles, CA but are currently living on the road with their insanely cute dog, Carmen. They caught the travel bug early in life and used every vacation day possible to explore the world. In July of 2017 they hit the road to travel full time in an RV and never looked back. They hope to showcase the beauty of the United States through their YouTube channel and inspire others to travel.

"We highly encourage breaking away from the 'keeping up with the Joneses' mentality. When you realize that experiences give you so much more in life than 'things', you step into this amazing like-minded community that supports one another, instead of competing with one another."

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Passenger - João Gomes

João is a software engineer living in Copenhagen. When he’s not flying back home to visit his family, he likes to use his free time to travel to different destinations, always with his camera. João was born in a small city in Portugal and moved to Denmark in 2013. He carries his camera around, even when he’s not traveling, documenting what surrounds him.

“Traveling, for me, means challenging all my assumptions. I like to go to places very different from where I live and connect to people that can show me other ways of looking at the same things.”

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passenger - sons of adventure

Meet the Bennie family from Australia.  Scott, Kate and the three boys Zach, Eli and Cadel are mad about adventure, travel and fitness and they are on a mission to encourage other families to see out adventure experiences, far and wide.

“We believe that adventure is in the heart of all kids.  Together as a family we build inspiring memories and strong bonds as well as helping the boys to grow in resilience and independence.”

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