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This minivan wouldn't be completely without passengers and a lot of stories. These people are bloggers, photographers and travel lovers, packing everyday this minivan with extraordinary stories. Meet the passengers behind the stories.



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Passenger Anna away

Meet Passenger Anna. This German girl is a hand luggage lover, blogging explorer and entertaining storyteller, with an eye for the ordinary different. She write's on her blog about restaurants, locations and hotels worth experiencing, giving recommendations on how to ideally travel alone, doing so with only hand luggage around the world. In addition, she will tell you her tricks, how she gets upgrades every now and then and best seats in a restaurant

“Travel for me means freedom, life and enrichment on all levels.”

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Passenger Fox

Meet Passenger Fox. She's a minimalist, traveller, vegan, activist, lover of the esoteric and she lives in a van with her partner in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Australia. Up until a year ago she had been travelling solo for 4 years living in different parts of the world until she met her partner. They gave up living in a multi million dollar home to travel up the east coast of Australia in a van and life couldn’t be better.

“Travel to me means being free, living outside of societies ideals and to live a life you want to live. Life is about creating memories not consuming objects and travel is the best way to do this and grow as a person. “

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passengers Anaïs and Xavier

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Meet the passengers Anaïs and Xavier, known as Des kilomètres dans les baskets on social media. They live in France and we enjoy travel. They are a cope, both passionate by photographing and discovering the world. They began to tell their journeys to their family and now they hope travel lovers as them, could enjoy their travel stories.

"Traveling is a way to opening your mind. Sea the beauty of Earth, the kindness of people, the genius of cities. Everything could be impressive and incredible. Live every day as an adventure even if you don’t go far. Be watchful and mindful, try to understand the world and learn the lessons this world could give to you. Travel makes you a better person."

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Passenger Stephanie Selena

Meet Passenger Stephanie Selena, flight attendant for a middle eastern airline, based in Dubai. She gets to travel heaps with work, exploring the world she gets tiny snippets of what the destinations she flies to are like. She spends her vacation time exploring the places she flies to for work. Working in aviation allows her to never get bored and she can't wait for her next travel itinerary.

"Travel for me is a way to loose myself literally and figuratively. Its an immense sense of freedom and helps me to see places that previously could only exist in my imagination. I love the nature aspect of it, meeting new people and discovering different cultures, customs and traditions oh and the food lets not forget the food. Tasting so many local cuisines is one of my favourite things about travel, I am a total foodie!"

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Passenger Brodie

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Meet Passenger Brodie. Originally from Australia, he has lived and worked in London and now he currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. He has traveled to over 30 countries before he reaches his 30's, he has seen so many amazing places in the world. What keeps him traveling is the craving for all the beautiful scenery you get to see, the incredibly diverse ways of life you find and the lifelong friendships you can just stumble across.

"I’m not sure when or if I’ll stop wanting to travel, I’m just enjoying the ride while it lasts and will be forever grateful to have had the chance to do it."

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Passenger Digna

Meet passenger Digna, 47 years old, born and raised on an island in the south-west region of the Netherlands. Digna is a graduated travel journalist, owner of a holiday house rental company and works 3 days a week for the Dutch State Forestry were she guides nature excursions and give information to visitors about Lake Grevelingen. This is the biggest salt water lake of Europe and for Digna the most beautiful place on earth. Digna has a great knowledge about flora and fauna in this district were seals, flamingo’s and wild orchids are not an exception. Digna is a big fan of Dutch nature.

"My husband and I want to discover the world without being stuck in travel guides. We have experienced a lot of adventures in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean and we still have thousands more countries they want to visit."

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Passenger - Peter Hayes

Meet Passenger Peter Hayes. He has been a lifelong adventurer and has travelled widely following his passions from skydiving over the Golden Gate Bridge to Scuba Diving the depths of the Great Barrier Reef. At the same time he is family focussed and takes great satisfaction from providing wonderful experiences for his two teenage children, Lucy and Tom, supported all the time by Sara, his wife of 20 years and an experienced skydiver herself- it is how they met.

“I have my own strap line now on Social Media which goes something like this: Life has a knack of becoming Extraordinary. Skydiver, Skier, Scuba Diver, Race Driver, Downhill Rider-62 years of adventures, who knows what's next? “

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Passenger - Kavindithya Kumaran

Meet Kavindithya Kumaran, a 22-year-old Wild Old soul who’s always planning her next solo trip to the next unknown place. And on the days she's not doing that you’ll find her working as a Graphic Designer saving for her next trip. She  believes art is the only way through life and someday hopes to travel all over the world be able to have a positive impact on it through her photography and story-telling.

"Travel is not just about visiting a particular place and doing the touristy things. It’s about taking a walk in the side lanes of an unknown village, soaking up the vibe and energy of a place until I become a part of it & immersing myself in the local culture. "

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