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passenger River Chad

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Meet Passenger River Chad. “My name is River Chad but you can just call me ‘River’ or ‘Chad’. I am a photographer, photo retoucher , graphic designer and a traveler originally from the Philippines but now is based in Dubai. My life goal is basically the same as most travelers out there, to be able to visit all countries in the world.”

Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you.

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Passenger Meg Dakay

Meet Passenger Meg Dakay, los Angeles based wanderlust girl.

“Traveling to me means being able to find a home away from home.”

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Passengers Miguel & Adolfo

Meet Passengers Miguel & Adolfo. “My now husband and I met on 2012, he is a graphic designer and I a chef, when we first met he had never even gotten on plane before, but after about a year into our relationship with a lot of planning and saving, we manage to go to our first trip together and his first trip ever! That first trip marked our relationship, so we set our selves the goal of exploring the world together, discovering new foods, places and overall experiences to last us for ever. That's why we record everything, to relieve and share our passions with our friends.”

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Passenger Leona Middelkoop


Meet Passenger Leona Middelkoop. “Just a recent graduate with an itch for traveling. I grew up watching Pokémon and Indiana Jones and thinking nothing could be better than traveling the world, meeting new people and discovering new places. I take every chance I get to get on the road and so far it hasn’t disappointed! I write about my travels to keep my family back home updated and to share my adventures with whoever would like to read them. Maybe I can inspire somebody else to do the thing they love.”

“…traveling is a way to connect with the world and get to know different cultures, histories and people. To live knowing there is more happening than just my own life.”

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passenger silvia fabris

Meet Passenger Silvia Fabris. “I am Silvia, I'm interior designer for job and for passion, 30 years old, from Milan - Italy,  travel addicted. I love everything that is creative and I dream a future in United States. Other passions? Fashion, photography and history.”

 “I think that travel is an exploration of the world, people, landscapes and traditions. It's a sort of school of life that nobody could teach you.”

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Passenger Tamara Sidorova

Meet Passenger Tamara Sidorova. Based in Boston, MA. First country to visit is Turkey. Originally from Russia and just can’t seat straight in one place.

“Travel to me is a freedom to make your own opinion about something, whether is a country , culture or people. Travel gives you an opportunity to see world yourself and take your own conclusions.”

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Passenger Analisa Morel


Meet Passenger Analisa Morel. “I grew up on the road. My dad, growing up, was a hotel manager and by the time I was six months old we started moving; tourist beach destination to tourist beach destination. I moved to South Dakota for college where I got a degree in Creative Writing and from there continued my old travel habits. I spent a few months in Venezuela, another two in Peru, a year working on a farm in Maui then a few months in Africa. I most recently moved to Nicaragua for six months and then finally settled in Denver CO. ”

“Journeying through the world and gaining a new perspective from people I meet and the books I read while being on the road. That is where I have found meaning in my life; being an endless wanderer always seeking more; alway curious.”

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Passenger La Boîte d’Allumettes


Meet Passenger La Boîte d’Allumettes agency. One day, passionate about creation, strategy, innovation and marketing, we imagined a concept... La Boîte d’Allumettes was born. We are a human-sized communication and PR agency located in Paris but we also like traveling and discover new places all around the world. 

“Travel means a way to escape from the city’s reality and stress. We all need to take time for ourselves, relax the pressure and be able to breathe as being in a bubble out of time. Traveling allows you to take a step back and appreciate.”

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Passenger Ruxandra Manea


Meet Passenger Ruxandra Manea.
”I’m a wife, a mother, and aspiring writer, living in Bucharest, Romania. Ever since I was little, I loved exploring new places, in real life and in books. Being interested in history went hand in hand with traveling and I love exploring historical sites, thinking about how people lived their lives. I grew up with my dad’s stories and pictures of mountain climbing adventures (my parents met on a mountain trip) and I think this inspired the love for traveling in me.

“My biggest hope is that I may inspire the same love for traveling in my son, when he grows up.”

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passenger Rose Huet

Meet Passenger Rose Huet. Currently on a gap year, her journey has taken her all over East Africa, from Kenya to Cape Town and Madagascar, and all over Europe and Asia, where she’s presently nestled in the heart of South India. An avid reader, writer, and traveler, Rose is always searching for new stories to share with the world.

“Explorative and immersive travel subjects are near and dear to my heart. As such, I have a desire to highlight small businesses and social enterprises that are doing their part to give back to and support the people and the communities in which they work through the articles that I write”

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Passenger Travis Zane

Meet Passenger Travis Zane is a writer, photographer, and videographer who works with a variety of brands on social media strategy and content direction. His work focuses on connecting organic audiences to compelling brands, ideas, and movements through experiential storytelling. Zane splits his time between New York, California, and various locations around the globe, and is currently building a new magazine and media company, Revolukin, sharing intimate perspectives on the human experience.

“Travel is an opportunity to remind ourselves of what actually matters, things that get lost in between daily schedules and big picture goals. For me that’s being present with the world, connecting with the people around us, and cultivating an open heart to new experiences, faces, and ideas.”

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Passenger Arran Tiffen

Meet Passenger Arran Tiffen. He’s a full time van dweller that enjoys cloud watching and being amongst nature. He’s a creative being that makes jewellery and wooden sculptures from bits and bobs that finds combing the land. Arran’s been a passionate traveller all his life having been in the festival community since he was born.

“Travel is an opportunity to really find out who you are as a person, life will throw you all sorts of obstacles on the road, each of them making you a stronger and wiser human being. For me it's an escape from the daily routine that many of us get pulled into.”

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Passenger Bob DiMenna

Meet Passenger Bob DiMenna. Inspired during his childhood through National Geographic and Animal Planet his passion for the natural environment, animals, foreign cultures, and food, evolved into a passion for world travel as an adult. Bob tries to find the "awesome" in any where he goes, and it's always there waiting to be discovered. He plans his travel around the unique or historically interesting with efficient goal oriented itineraries. Each day, he is inspired to learn something new about the planet and the people who inhabit it.

"To truly understand the beauty and diversity of our world you must go and see it for yourself. There is no other way"

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