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This minivan wouldn't be completely without passengers and a lot of stories. These people are bloggers, photographers and travel lovers, packing everyday this minivan with extraordinary stories. Meet the passengers behind the stories.



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Passenger Mariah Hanna

Meet Passenger Marian Hanna,  graduated University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor in Psychology/Neuroscience in 2013 and Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine with a Master of Public Health in Disaster Management in 2017. Marian hopes to combine her love of travel with her career in community service both locally and globally.

“If I can do something for the rest of my life, and be happy what would this be?

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Passenger Peter Hayes

Meet Passenger Peter Hayes. He has been a lifelong adventurer and has travelled widely following his passions from skydiving over the Golden Gate Bridge to Scuba Diving the depths of the Great Barrier Reef. At the same time he is family focussed and takes great satisfaction from providing wonderful experiences for his two teenage children, Lucy and Tom, supported all the time by Sara, his wife of 20 years and an experienced skydiver herself- it is how they met.

“I have my own strap line now on Social Media which goes something like this: Life has a knack of becoming Extraordinary. Skydiver, Skier, Scuba Diver, Race Driver, Downhill Rider-62 years of adventures, who knows what's next? “

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Passenger Felipe Banhara

Meet Passenger Felipe Banhara is passionate about traveling and discovering new cultures. He moved from continent two years ago and never imagined experiencing so many new things. In this new way he was fortunate to make friends around the world and share incredible moments. He loves animals, books, movies and identifies himself as genuine Pisces.

"Nothing is as wonderful as being able to know the world, open your mind and fly away from the cage."

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Passenger Karli Massie

Meet Passenger Karli Massie is a food enthusiast with a deep love for travel. She loves experiencing new cultures through the food they create, and writes about her love of food on her website, The Coastal Kitchen. In 2012 she left her Southern California home to pursue a life abroad as an Au Pair in Germany. It was this experience that solidified her love for travel. When she isn't cooking, writing, or thinking about food and travel, she can be found working in a gourmet grocery store in South Dublin called Lotts & Co. 

"Travel has enriched my life and opened my eyes to the ways people live their lives all over the world. I have learned to be more curious and empathetic towards other people, most interestingly with people who have been in my life far before I began to travel to other countries. It grounds me in a way that I never expected, and keeps me coming back for more."

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Passengers Nic and Kingsley

Meet Passengers Nic and Kingsley, travel addicts from the UK. They have been traveling whenever they have the chance for the past 10 years now. This year has been different though, as they managed to take longer breaks from their careers to properly explore Central and South America.

"For us, travel is a privilege earned through hard work at home and through the blind luck of being born in a first world country. We are constantly both blown away and humbled by the truly awe inspiring environments we find ourselves in"

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Passenger Jo Nguyen

Meet Passenger Jo Nguyen, a British born raised with Vietnamese roots. Given her ethnic background and having lived in London most of her life, she gained a cultural awareness that has ingrained a desire to discover cultures other than her own. She's been traveling and living abroad for close to 7 years. She spends at least four times a year traveling, whether it's a weekend trip to HongKong or two weeks in Sri Lanka.

“To travel is the freedom of living your life to the fullest each and every day. Travel for me is exploration, of being able to follow one’s curiosity to continually learn and question. It allows you to see how cultures operate on a day to day basis which allows you to form your own opinions of cultures instead of simply accepting what others believe or what's written in the books.”

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