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This minivan wouldn't be completely without passengers and a lot of stories. These people are bloggers, photographers and travel lovers, packing everyday this minivan with extraordinary stories. Meet the passengers behind the stories.



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Passenger Digna

Meet passenger Digna, 47 years old, born and raised on an island in the south-west region of the Netherlands. Digna is a graduated travel journalist, owner of a holiday house rental company and works 3 days a week for the Dutch State Forestry were she guides nature excursions and give information to visitors about Lake Grevelingen. This is the biggest salt water lake of Europe and for Digna the most beautiful place on earth. Digna has a great knowledge about flora and fauna in this district were seals, flamingo’s and wild orchids are not an exception. Digna is a big fan of Dutch nature.

"My husband and I want to discover the world without being stuck in travel guides. We have experienced a lot of adventures in Europe, Africa and the Caribbean and we still have thousands more countries they want to visit."

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Passenger - Peter Hayes

Meet Passenger Peter Hayes. He has been a lifelong adventurer and has travelled widely following his passions from skydiving over the Golden Gate Bridge to Scuba Diving the depths of the Great Barrier Reef. At the same time he is family focussed and takes great satisfaction from providing wonderful experiences for his two teenage children, Lucy and Tom, supported all the time by Sara, his wife of 20 years and an experienced skydiver herself- it is how they met.

“I have my own strap line now on Social Media which goes something like this: Life has a knack of becoming Extraordinary. Skydiver, Skier, Scuba Diver, Race Driver, Downhill Rider-62 years of adventures, who knows what's next? “

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Passenger - Kavindithya Kumaran

Meet Kavindithya Kumaran, a 22-year-old Wild Old soul who’s always planning her next solo trip to the next unknown place. And on the days she's not doing that you’ll find her working as a Graphic Designer saving for her next trip. She  believes art is the only way through life and someday hopes to travel all over the world be able to have a positive impact on it through her photography and story-telling.

"Travel is not just about visiting a particular place and doing the touristy things. It’s about taking a walk in the side lanes of an unknown village, soaking up the vibe and energy of a place until I become a part of it & immersing myself in the local culture. "

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Passenger Titi

Meet Passenger Titi. This Nigerian computer scientist is currently working and studying in South Korea.

“Travel to me means bonding. It is how my mom and I bond, how me and my millions of relatives scattered around the world bond and how I bond with nature and people of different cultures.“

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Passenger Kati Cutshall

Meet Passenger Kati Cutshall. she's an entrepreneurial hippie traveler, artist, shoe-fanatic, jewelry designer, amateur vegan cook, and Permaculturist-in-training! She hails from America, but have lived in the UAE, France, Italy, Palestine, and New Zealand. She has a degree in Global Affairs, taught Early Years EFL, speaks Modest French and Pidgeon Arabic, and runs a small business doing custom artwork on shoes. I take photos on my phone, because I don't know how to use my inherited fancy camera, and I have a goal of creating a lentil recipe for every ethnic style. Sustainability and humility in life are my guiding principles and I endeavor to be in the moment as often as possible. Follow my journey and adventures!

“Travel means opening oneself up to the unexpected, and all the delights, challenges and learning that come along with it. It is a better life education than anything encountered in a classroom.”

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Passenger Tammie Figlinski

Meet Passenger Tammie Figlinski. Tammie’s passion for Travel prompted her to created her own Remote Business that would allow her to Work & Play Anywhere in the World! The best part is that she’s now teaching others how to replicate her success through Lost My Desk.

She’s a Social Media Marketing & Advertising Specialist. If you’re looking for a way to escape the 9-5 Office Job and trade it in for your own Business working as a “Social Media Manager” or if you want to learn how to grow and manage your own Remote Business – she invites you to check it out!

"Travel to me mean a life with no boundaries. Freedom to live, work and play anywhere."

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passenger tina Pichler

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Meet Passenger Tina Pichler, 25 years old, from Austria. Although her parents don’t travel very often she discovered her wanderlust at the age of 18 and since then she can't stop. She has visited great destinations like New York, Dubai or various cities in Europe.

"Travel means freedom and exploring new and fascinating things – after every trip I become more liberal minded, have a better knowledge about different cultures and have a backpack full of memories and stories that I will never forget!"

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passengers janina and gregor

Meet Passenger Janina and Gregor, travel-addicted couple from Austria, both passionate kite surfers and stoked about the life they chose to live. They are always trying to combine their professions – Gregor works as a photographer and video producer, Janina is a self-employed copywriter – with their journeys and kite surfing trips. Together they started a project called "The Kite Experience“, which shows the beauty of simple traveling, exploring new places, connecting with nature and their great passion kite surfing. Side by side they are longing for one thing: collecting unforgettable memories.

"Every journey is different: it can be a big, exciting adventure, lead you to stunning places of this beautiful planet and introduce you to people from all over the world. The experiences you gain while traveling are priceless, especially when you keep your eyes and mind open: to us, the world is an open road with countless hidden paths, waiting to be explored."

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