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This minivan wouldn't be completely without passengers and a lot of stories. These people are bloggers, photographers and travel lovers, packing everyday this minivan with extraordinary stories. Meet the passengers behind the stories.



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passenger Rose Huet

Meet Passenger Rose Huet. Currently on a gap year, her journey has taken her all over East Africa, from Kenya to Cape Town and Madagascar, and all over Europe and Asia, where she’s presently nestled in the heart of South India. An avid reader, writer, and traveler, Rose is always searching for new stories to share with the world.

“Explorative and immersive travel subjects are near and dear to my heart. As such, I have a desire to highlight small businesses and social enterprises that are doing their part to give back to and support the people and the communities in which they work through the articles that I write”

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Passenger Travis Zane

Meet Passenger Travis Zane is a writer, photographer, and videographer who works with a variety of brands on social media strategy and content direction. His work focuses on connecting organic audiences to compelling brands, ideas, and movements through experiential storytelling. Zane splits his time between New York, California, and various locations around the globe, and is currently building a new magazine and media company, Revolukin, sharing intimate perspectives on the human experience.

“Travel is an opportunity to remind ourselves of what actually matters, things that get lost in between daily schedules and big picture goals. For me that’s being present with the world, connecting with the people around us, and cultivating an open heart to new experiences, faces, and ideas.”

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Passenger Arran Tiffen

Meet Passenger Arran Tiffen. He’s a full time van dweller that enjoys cloud watching and being amongst nature. He’s a creative being that makes jewellery and wooden sculptures from bits and bobs that finds combing the land. Arran’s been a passionate traveller all his life having been in the festival community since he was born.

“Travel is an opportunity to really find out who you are as a person, life will throw you all sorts of obstacles on the road, each of them making you a stronger and wiser human being. For me it's an escape from the daily routine that many of us get pulled into.”

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Passenger Bob DiMenna

Meet Passenger Bob DiMenna. Inspired during his childhood through National Geographic and Animal Planet his passion for the natural environment, animals, foreign cultures, and food, evolved into a passion for world travel as an adult. Bob tries to find the "awesome" in any where he goes, and it's always there waiting to be discovered. He plans his travel around the unique or historically interesting with efficient goal oriented itineraries. Each day, he is inspired to learn something new about the planet and the people who inhabit it.

"To truly understand the beauty and diversity of our world you must go and see it for yourself. There is no other way"

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Passengers Meagan and Matt


Meet Passengers Meagan and Matt. Meagan lives in Austin and spends her free time enjoying the outdoors with her family, reading, and painting. She is a lover of Giotto, a great admirer of Bernini, and an enthusiast for all things Ravenna. For Meagan, few things taste better than homemade pasta all’uovo, warm Ligurian focaccia straight from the oven, or a bright Valpolicella.  

Matt has recently moved to Austin, where he currently resides with two chickens, neither of which are his. He has discovered the delights of Tex-Mex and is currently on a quest for The Perfect Taco. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, concerts, and getting in really dorky debates about Latin grammar and etymology. After years of traveling the world, he still thinks that the best meal on Earth is local dim sum on a Sunday morning. He has very strong opinions about where one should and should not eat gelato in Italy. 

“Travel is about seeing, savoring, and experiencing.  We love connecting people through art, culture, and food.”

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Passenger Feyza

Meet Passenger Feyza. She has a colorful personality, living life to the fullest. She had moved from one city to another during her teenage years and this made her really social and outgoing. Feyza quit her corporate job 3 years ago and since then travelling solo, backpacking, writing and experiencing different cultures and lives. She has a talent for languages since she knows herself and that made her study French during college years. Years after she traveled in South America and added Spanish to her languages. For her travelling is soul freeing, self discovering and full of abundance moments. She's not a hostel type of person, instead she prefers staying with locals and cook for them.

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Passenger Sindy Lutz

Meet Passenger Sindy Lutz. Since she was a little child she’s been interested in other countries, cultures and languages. When she was 15 years old she started to broaden her horizon by living in different places in Switzerland. During a language stay in the French speaking part of Switzerland, she discovered the love for languages. She has maintained this to this day.

“Travelling means discovering the true soul of a country. To get to know a country, its culture, its people personally. It is not the typical sights that appeal to me, but real life.”

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Passenger Bobby Sunderland

Meet Passenger Bobby Sunderland. Since he was young, he’s been an avid traveler, explorer, and adventurer. The two things that he was put on this Earth to do is to help others and to see as much of the planet as humanly possible. He have had the amazing opportunity to work as an EMT, a community health educator, and a fitness coach for those with disabilities. He lived in 6 different places, and have enjoyed the experience of meeting people from all around the world. He runs a podcast called, “The Quality is Key Podcast” where he interviews athletes, public figures, and business owners. He loves hearing other people’s stories, and he believes that we all have something unique that deserves to be heard.

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passenger Przemysław Brzozowski

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Meet Passenger Przemyslaw. Born in Poland, Przemyslaw is a law student on University of Bialystok. He has a soul of activist and social-worker and is love for travelling came through his parents. Every year they had incredible family’s getaways looking to discover their beautiful country.

“Travelling allows me to discover not only the new places but also to discover myself better and better.”

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Passenger matias


Meet Passenger Matias, he was born in Uruguay and he had the chance to travel the world since he was 6 months old as his dad's job enabled his family to live in many countries around the world. At 19 years old he decided to move and settle down in France (and become French in the process). When he is not traveling which is most of the time (even though his colleagues and friends think he has too many holidays), He works in Marketing in the Video game industry and he is also a Rock music lover.

"Traveling has been a part of me since I was born. I didn't know at first but once I settled down somewhere, it became a passion that enables me to discover amazing places, cultures and take millions of pictures in the process."

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