Pit Stop


There a lot factors influencing our travel moments becoming extremely special. And here are some of Minivan of Memories' partners, driven to provide all those special moments you're looking for. This is Minivan of Memories helping you to create special moment wherever you go. 



man expeditions 


Man Expeditions is an adventure travel club for men from all over the globe who are looking to adventure travel with other like-minded guys while supporting local communities and wildlife rehabilitation efforts. Its a Brotherhood focused on team work and collaborative support to overcome the challenges these adventures present for a greater good. Man Expeditions offers incredible expeditions to special places in the world like Southern and Eastern Africa, Alaska, Mexico and Canada

"Travel means an opportunity to connect with incredible people, building meaningful friendships. Through adventure travel our troopers are able to challenge themselves and overcome hardships in life, fears and phobias. By connecting men from all over the world we hope to give travel a new meaning with Man Expeditions"

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casa bromélia - rio de janeiro

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Originally from California, now based in Brazil, Lauren is the creator of Casa Bromélia - a Rio de Janeiro Travel Concierge. She has been featured in Esquire & Elle Magazine as one of Rio’s top cultural specialists. Lauren has lived in India, Paris, London, San Francisco, L.A. and now Brazil; but she thrives off of tropical beaches, good food and conversation at a local’s watering hole. 

"When I am on the road, I feel like me. I may not always feel whole or without troubles, but I feel fully joyful and alive."

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