Who's the driver?

A naked baby boy was born at the brazilian Savannah in the state of Minas Gerais. Raised but the wings of a fierce creature called mom, Adilson learn at very young age how to talk and God knows he has never shut up. Growing up, annoyingly curious about everything, he believed there's no harm in asking anything to anyone (although his mom still doesn't agree with that). Growing up, Adilson used to see stars in his bedroom's ceiling and always talked loudly with himself (and he still does).

In 2007, Adilson enrolled in Journalism at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil. Nothing would make more sense then ask people uncomfortable questions, be egotistic and justify his curiosity about the world. At his finals years studying, Adilson developed a project pioneer on the field of journalism, linking social inclusion of people with disabilities and news values of journalism. His enthusiasm, landed him a freelancer position at the prestigious Incluir Magazine (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

Right after concluding university Adilson moved overseas to live in Dublin, Ireland, where he resides now. In these five years he has developed his professional aspirations, his social skills and grow as a human being. Finally knowing what hard work looks like, Adilson is ready to take the lead of his future once again and return to the journalism roots that he could never leave behind.  

 At the age of twenty eight, Adilson presents to the world this beautiful website that gathers his whole life into his own business product. Here your gonna find the Adilson journalist, his travel passion through astonishing articles, his social skills and, most of all, his creativity and ingenuity. At twenty eight years of age Adilson will conquer the world and the heart of millions with his humble piece of himself in his website. 

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